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How do we increase your productivity and elevate global economy to new heights? portLab will be the main contributor as a portable Laboratory, that puts innovations of tomorrow into place and works as a prolific support system for new and established enterprises in the tech area. We pour our almost decade strong experience into each tech related, innovative mission and can rely on an international network of promising and established engineers. Quality is our number one priority in every mission.

We will represent your corporate value in every step of your project. Convince yourselves now and benefit from the portLab experience.


Realize your visions, test your products or elevate your quality to higher levels.

Mechanical CAD -Designing

We provide free designing services for machines and machine parts. Convince yourself now with the 24hrs. free trial.

  • Rollouts
    You are a new or established tech company, and would like to realize your idea? portLab puts your products and items in place and helps you realize your visions.
  • Material Lab Testing
    You need results for your material of interest? Focus on your presentation, while we assistants take care of your discoveries. Strain testing, pressure testing or notch impact tests.
  • Quality Assurance
    We come, we see, we document. We assistants see every possible flaw on your value chains, machines and products.

Who We Are?


Diana Tille

Diana Tille

Project Manager
Porter Forelli

Porter Forelli

Project Engineer
Dagmawe Behailu Assefa

Dagmawe Behailu Assefa

CEO & Project Engineer

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